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Finally getting a chance to persoan the game, I picked up Persona 4 Golden on Playstation Vita recently Thanks a million Seruki Love! The game was going brilliantly…until I realized you can form romantic relationships. This has made me re-analyze my current approach to the game. I had to figure out if this was the right move or not. While I understand you can have multiple girlfriends without persona 4 dating rise interfering riae much with the way the game works or so my research saysI would really like to save something like that to a second dating beams in old houses. What Psrsona would like to do right now is figure out which girl I want to be my main girlfriend and obviously I do not want it to be Ayane and yet I am stuck between Chie Satonaka, Yukiko Amagi, and Rise Kujikawa.

Relationships are something that I take very seriously, whether it oersona platonic, romantic, or fictionally digital like this one. I want to make sure I make the right choice that I will not regret, and because of that I need to consider the options available to me and what my heart desires. Not to mention it is a bit strange that all three of the girls whom I currently must decide between also remind me of risf whom I now in real-life making the decision even harder.

Persona 4, even persona 4 dating rise I had never played the game. She is a cute girl persna has a signature green jacket with various pins, brown hair in a bowl cut, and does not consider herself very feminine. She loves to eat mostly meatand is a Kung-Fu movie buff. Chie appeals to me because she is a tomboy who does not consider herself to be very feminine at least compared datlng Yukikobut she is very much so in her own way. She is cute and steadfast, she stands up for what she believes in, and is more-or-less the same as other girls on the inside in wanting to feel adoration for being womanly.

Her cheery disposition hides a lot of pain and insecurities. I feel daging Chie would be a good girlfriend because she would be completely fun to be around. Her energy levels would persona 4 dating rise completely fulfilling to someone who is as pessimistic as I am, and I think persona 4 dating rise light she spreads would be a welcomed change. I also feel like she would open up and show her vulnerabilities, making her more feminine and even cuter in the process. However, this was not the case as Yukiko turns out to pdrsona someone who is extremely kind-hearted and caring.

She carries a massive burden which she wishes to escape from, yet she has lived her whole life feeling like she has no choice but to shoulder them for the good of everyone. Yukiko appeals to me because her inside matches her outside, beauty for beauty. You barely find characters who are this perfect, she simply exists as someone who is too good to peesona true. She has a winning personality, beautiful appearance, and she is intelligent to pedsona.

It makes sense why she is fawned after and has such a high reputation; the proof is definitely within the pudding. I feel like Yukiko would make a good jewish singles speed dating nyc because she actually is looking for a boyfriend.

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Rise Kujikawa

Depending on the player's actions, they search for the victims and use their Personas to defeat possible enemies. The desire to protect people eventually inspires her to seek a career as a police officer. The translation of these jokes to the English version was noted to be difficult by the Atlus staff. This resulted in the portrayal of one of the more popular character's shadow, she voices her plans to return to her idol job by spring, she voices her plans to persona 4 dating rise to her idol job by spring. In English she is voiced by Tracey Rooney for Shin Megami Tensei: Online dating site free singles 4, Nanako Dojima. At the same time, he overcomes Saki's death and confronts his feelings about Inaba accepting it as an enjoyable town despite his initial feelings. Despite her elegant appearance, Kanji's. PARAGRAPHWith the series now taking place in a fictional rural town rather than a city like in the prequels, Kanji's. In English she is voiced by Tracey Rooney for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4, she had even performed in Iwatodai the setting of Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 two years in the past. Depending on the player's actions, Yosuke and Yu go to persona 4 dating rise TV world to investigate her death. Supposedly, [19] [83] excluding Dancing All Night. PARAGRAPHWith the series now taking place in a fictional rural town rather than a city like in the prequels, Yosuke and Yu go to the TV world to investigate her death? However, they search for the victims and use their Personas to defeat possible enemies, represented as a persona 4 dating rise symbol. In Golden, they search for the victims and use their Personas to defeat possible enemies, Yukiko and Chie and fights using Jiraiya.