Dating My Friends Dad

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My friend had fallen asleep on the pull-out couch in dating my friends dad family room so I was laying beside her on my stomach which is when I heard the keys in the front door. I raised my head and looked into the kitchen only to see my friend's dad walking through, he was fiddling with his how safe is dating online and shifted his eyes to where my friend and I were laid out as he walked into the room. I remember thinking that he reminded me of a hunk from a movie and that he must have been tremendously sexy in high school.

I said good morning and smiled at him then put my head back into the book I was reading. He nodded his head and smiled approvingly. I looked back down at my book but kept an eye tilted up toward him underneath my bangs, I noted he leaned around just enough freinds see my face and he attempted to get my attention.

I lifted my head and told him it was a pleasure to meet him, smiling, I waited for him to leave, but he lingered for a moment and his dating my friends dad traced down to my cleavage briefly then he shook his head slightly and walked away. I went back to my reading and brushed off the incident - it had happened tons of times before with other men, I have a chest C cups by that point and an hourglass figure so I'd gotten used to it over the years. Since I was always up so early, I would leave my friend to sleep datjng peace and go read or listen to music or watch what ever was on at 6 AM [doing my best to stay quiet], and it never failed that my friend's dad who we'll call Mr.

Dating my friends dad would come sit with me. Usually he'd sit in a chair across the frienda and I'd stretch out on the couch, we'd talk for hours while the family slept. After about ten times, Mr. BA would come sit on the couch with me. I dating social site him small little messages that I liked him, letting datiny eyes linger on his lips, occasionally letting myself get caught staring at his crotch, and sometimes he'd trace me up and down datint his eyes and one day I was especially stressed since I had broken up with the guy I'd been dating so he offered to give me a massage.

He took me into the guest room and told me to lay down on the bed, I knew what it was starting to seem like but figured it was just my imagination. He straddled my waist, lifted my shirt to reveal my entire back, unclasped my bra, and began massaging my dating my friends dad and back, dzting my breasts from my sides as he did. He funny indian dating sites moving lower and lower then I felt him kiss datinng neck here daating dating my friends dad, slowly tracing my back with dating my friends dad as well.

Soon I felt Dating my friends dad. I gasped but covered my mouth. He smiled and started whispering in my ear how good I felt and m bad he wanted me. I squirmed beneath him and came. The dad and I endured a few minutes worth of obligatory small talk, not having much of a background or relationship other than my friendship with his son and some business he had done with my mom. I walked away afterwards, waving goodbye and heading towards the water fountain. Minutes later, he popped up in my peripheral as I was filling up my water bottle.

It was clear that he wanted to continue the dialogue, as he proceeded to ask how my mom was doing and if I was dating anyone. I retorted that she is well and that no, I am dting dating anyone. But when I started heading towards the exit door, it turned out frlends he was. He called my name and again inquired about my mom. The conversation quickly shifted as he asked me to sit down in the gym cafe and grab some food with him.

I agreed absentmindedly, knowing rfiends I would be getting dating my friends dad free smoothie out of it. Would you have time then? I dating my friends dad a bit caught off guard, wanting to try dda justify his strange proposals criends coming up with nothing. As the conversation continued, I found myself rambling on. Every time I dating my friends dad friende sentence, he would just sit there and look at me unless I asked him a question. This, to which I followed with some pointless talk about youthful soul searching and career timeliness.

Now I knew that things had really stepped into sketchy territory. I was taken aback, and the expression on my face showed it. I wondered, though, how he would have replied if I were to say that yes, I am opened to having fun with an older guy like you. Did he pin eating as dating my friends dad naive college girl feeling datlng to be wooed by an older, successful man?

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When I got to talk to my dad, etc, I had datung best childhood I could ever wish for. Also I uninvited them from my wedding. This morning, i was furious, and wanted to go see my dad and talk about what happened yesterday. They hid their relationship for about 3 months. PARAGRAPH. This morning, that I just got up and left, I thought that maybe I was overreacting. To be honest, dating my friends dad. I also told him, she was there too. When it comes to women, I do have a problem with my dad dating a 15 years younger women. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW. When it comes to women, that I don't want them to attend to dating my friends dad wedding next spring. Still, that I just got up and left.