Dating Energy Levels

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More often, patterns of severe relationship problems, such as addiction and abuse, repeat generation after generation. The Radio Tower Your body is like a radio tower, constantly broadcasting your unique energy signal into the world. People and situations that match your signal are attracted to your life, dramatizing your consciousness on the screen of your reality.

Your energy signal is a combination of your conscious thoughts and unconscious thoughts, feelings, beliefs, attitudes, memories and unexpressed emotions. The other 95 percent of the time, our unconscious mind is in control because we are replaying the past, worrying about the future or emotionally triggered into automatic reactions. That means the energy signal coming from your dating energy levels mind is 95 percent more powerful in determining your life experience.

Relationships form when two people with similar energy signatures are attracted. Relationships break up when the energy changes and is no dating energy levels in sync. For Instance… Jason and Amanda have been married for three years and the relationship has been going down a rocky road from day one. For the past year, Jason has been having an first email dating examples with a girl dating energy levels the office.

He jumps through hoops as she changes her mind and tries to figure out what she wants and makes him responsible for providing it. Yet she senses that something is wrong with Jason and goes into a jealous fit whenever Jason even looks at another woman for more than a few seconds. They match at an energetic level, magnetically pulling each other into their lives to play the same roles in the same drama that began in early childhood.

Throughout her dating career, Amanda had a pattern of attracting men who cheat on her. Email In college, I was roommates in a dorm with my good friend, Robin. We nicknamed ourselves Tigger and Pooh. My idea of a great day with friends was a movie marathon with restaurant takeout breaks. On Saturdays, I would sleep as long as humanly possible. I just adored the feeling of the warm sheets and the gushy pillow.

When I did get up, it was to get cereal and the remote. Robin was a bit different. If she could have, she would have gone on a different adventure every day. Some days it drove her crazy waiting for me to wake up. She would bounce up and down the hall visiting people, and if someone dating energy levels leaving campus, to go almost anywhere, she hopped dating energy levels the car and went with them.

We are still friends today, but still have some different interests and different friends that enjoy those different interests with us. What if Robin had met a man with my lower energy level? She would have probably gone crazy with random energy bursts and run laps around the house, much like my golden retriever does after having been cooped up for longer than she likes.

There are many components that create a good spousal match, but energy level might be a bigger issue than you may realize or for which you have accounted.

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