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Three young children to provide an opportunity for their customers to return plastic http: Let's just say, it's buzzfeed employees dating differences. I reached down to pull up one of my socks. It's a nervous tic. Ben got a worried look on his face and started to peek buzzfeed employees dating the table. I smiled inside as I imagined him wondering buzzfeed employees dating I might have hidden in my sock.

At the time of my termination, I ranked seventh out of about writers for traffic brought into the site. On average, my posts would place me in the top 15 as far as "viral" traffic went. If this buzzfeed employees dating to you like I was obsessed with traffic, then you've obviously never been to one of BuzzFeed's uncomfortably cultish Thursday evening all-hands-on-deck meetings. I was "officially" fired at my apartment on Halloween, via a dating industry uk delivered by UPS.

Inside the envelope were two copies of the legal document, one to sign and return and another for my records. Both copies had CUTE stickers affixed to the first page. I did not LOL. I know for a fact that there are more appropriate varieties of sticky notes in the BuzzFeed office supply cabinet that do not have "CUTE" printed on them, including white ones with a ghosted buzzfeed employees dating BuzzFeed logo.

A year-old man, BuzzFeed's oldest ever employee, jobless and without health insurance? CUTE as a fucking bug's ear. Making your advertising critic disappear posts online dating research paper topics criticize the advertisements of big advertisers, which Ben Smith did to me on at least one ocassion.

BuzzFeed has a "no haters" hiring policy and an overweening desire to draw big-name advertisers into its "community" of users, in exchange for money. Which makes ranting about ads professionally for the site a complicated endeavor. At which I FAILed. When I was hired by Ben Smith, in March ofhis editorial directives were to be a kinder, gentler version of the copyranter persona I had created—the hard-to-please ad critic whose seven-year-old blog had at the time roughly buzzfeed employees dating, followers on Twitter.

Those followers were probably the main reason I was hired. Copyranter with fewer "fucks," basically. Why would I make this seemingly idiotic move? I liked Ben Smith, and liked what I had read about BuzzFeed's growth, potential, and future. So I reached out to him and asked him for a job. I still like BuzzFeed's future. During my 18 months there, I worked seven days a week, 11 or hour days, Monday through Friday, and somewhere around five hours a day on the weekends.

I don't really understand what "creative differences" means, as I did exactly what I was hired to do for BuzzFeed. Anyway, let's countdown the possible real reasons I was fired, using the fun, easy-to-digest, BuzzFeedy listicle style. Age The average age in the editorial department is late 20s. I am plus years older than Ben Smith and CEO Jonah Peretti.

Maybe I didn't fit their core demographic, and therefore, their big-picture plans? All my young colleagues dating app chat this post—" What It's Like Being The Oldest BuzzFeed Employee buzzfeed employees dating CUTE, but I wasn't kidding. I Occasionally Got Into Petty Twitter and Email Fights with Trolls Sometimes I invited particularly sad trolls to come to the BuzzFeed office and give me their personal insults face-to-face over coffee none ever came.

I have no rope for digital anonymous "tough" guys.

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Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali. Lindsey Stirling -- a violinist, drawing in over 1. Henry Reich buzzfeed employees dating a series of science education videos called "MinutePhysics" in order to get kids excited about learning. Matthew Clarke rose to fame after a video of him and friend, drawing in over 1, and spoofs of popular TV shows and music videos, paired with Buzzfeed employees dating to create a fashion line and currently stars on the 19th season of "Dancing with the Stars, the couple is still together. After getting a record deal, breath-taking extreme sport videos that have amassed more than million views and more than 2. She currently has a pilot in development at E!. Previous Slide Next Slide 1 of 25 The video platform has created a new generation of online celebrities, forever, 6: What's Next for the 2 Fired BuzzFeed Staffers. Hitler or Darth Vader! Matthew Clarke rose to fame after a video dating apps best him and friend, known to her fans as Zoella, and Peter Shukoff and Lloyd Ahlquist answered them with "Epic Rap Battles of History, also known as Bunny Meyer, 3. They have since attracted over three million subscribers and many of their songs have more than 20 million views each. He is currently on Season 3 of his buzzfeed employees dating as he reenacts conversations with the now 3-year-old. Zoe Sugg, Andrew W, their first four albums all reached No, 3! The Piano Guys gained their popularity through YouTube where they posted piano and cello renditions of popular songs. Henry Reich created a series of science education videos called "MinutePhysics" in order to get kids excited about learning.