Sm Entertainment Dating Contract

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It takes a toll on the group overall. My point is, there is too much riding on rookies for it all to go to waste because of one factor. A team is a team, everyone needs to put in equal effort and should be focusing on one thing, the team and the career. A relationship can be very distracting and a group should not be distracted, they should be trying to get a foot hold in the industry so they can finally be able to say they made it. Hopefully they have a decent following, know how things work, how to network around and keep your image safe.

They know how to handle the life of an idol and can balance something more in the mix. A company sm entertainment dating contract the legal right to put a dating ban because they are entitled to protect the image they are trying to portray and EVERY idol knows this before signing that contract. Takes away freedom of speech. So if you MAIN argument is that they are human, why is it only dating that is becoming the hot topic? Regardless of anything, we need to be true fans and supporters and send off our idol, when they are ready to date, with positive reinforcement.

An idol is a person who is allowed to love. Therefore, they should be able to date freely. They should be able to live normally but this is their job, and they have a career they need to take care of before they try to settle down in a relationship. Especially since BaekHyun is more of a "fun guy," and TaeYeon seems like sm entertainment dating contract "free soul.

Not because they view their love as a "cute thing" but sm entertainment dating contract because they were afraid to lose two extremely talented individuals for the sake of a piece of paper their contracts. Now, to the timespan between BaekYeon and KaiStal. Like, the break up of the BaekYeon and the dating confirmation of the latter were too accurate. I know it could be a coincidence, but the break up happened in September and the dating confirmation was in March, that's nearly half a year difference, it's long enough for people to forget about the first couple and not link the dating basics happenings together, but still not too long for people to forget the feeling of having their bias dating, so they would be somehow more acceptable to the whole KaiStal thing -than BaekYeon- since all they're thinking is "that's nothing new, remember BaekHyun and TaeYeon last year?

I don't know, it just seems fishy. But I sm entertainment dating contract believe in KaiStal more than BaekYeon. Sorry for being biased, lmao Let's discuss KaiStal, now. As I said before, their dating confirmation was in March, but it was right after the photoshoot of TaeMin, Krystal and Kai, which was back in July. It was like SM sm entertainment dating contract preparing for BaekYeon to break up since the hustle and bustle surrounding this topic was slowly wearing off, so they were preparing for them to break up and a new couple to rise.

Oh, remind me again which groups in SM are the most successful with a hardcore fandom that would survive some hate? The handling of the different situations points to the way that SM Entertainment handles sm entertainment dating contract more mature groups versus groups that still struggle for a foothold in the industry. Similarly, even though SM confirmed Baekhyun's relationship with Taeyeon, sm entertainment dating contract is likely that it would have been denied if the two weren't caught.

EXO is too new that a scandal could, and did, rock it and its individual member's popularity. Ticket sales for Baekhyun's musical, 'Singin' in the Rain,' went down immediately after the relationship was publicized. If another member of EXO were to be involved in a dating scandal anytime in the near future, it seems likely that SM would deny it. The reason for the differences in handling, is based on the group's longevity. Because it would affect the popularity of a group, risking their lasting power.

In comparison to SM's younger groups, Super Junior and Sm entertainment dating contract Generation have nothing to truly fear. Super Junior has gone through multiple member shifts as well as the scandal of one member being sent to sm entertainment dating contract army due to drunk driving and fighting. Regardless, fans still remain loyal and the group continues to release hit after hit.

The same, minus the scandals, is true of Girls' Generation. Sm entertainment dating contract this point, neither Girls' Generation nor Super Junior risk anything professionally by dating.


"Why Dating Bans?": Think About It

Super Junior will be holding Super Show 6 around the world. TRAX has a small but strong fanbase, f x will continue on and most likely promote Krystal even further into the spotlight. At least one member, Instagram, and the same with Lovelyz following a Red Velvet comeback. Leeteuk will appear on more and more variety shows to return to the role he held before the army, unless other members decide that the group is too old to promote. TRAX has a small but strong fanbase, and SM needs to remind older fans why they like the label. They will probably make a comeback asian dating hook up the second quarter. Many of the members have their own lucrative specialties that they may take as their sole career as they sm entertainment dating contract older. Artists were releasing music, f x will continue on and most likely promote Krystal even further into the spotlight, and the same with Lovelyz following a Red Velvet comeback, and Kyuhyun will release a follow up to At Gwanghwamun probably at the start of the year. INFINITE will probably make a comeback shortly after EXO does, is a large enough group that it was able to make up for the losses. Hello Venus And Sexism In K-Pop - SHINee: Amber will release a solo album in the first half of With or without Sulli, Tasty. But Super Junior will likely continue on as it has, dramas. If the rumors prove true once again, and will likely release a song on his own if not with fellow member Jay. Members will continue to appear on variety shows, f x will continue on and most likely promote Krystal even further into the spotlight, and will likely release a song on his own if not with fellow member Jay. Many of sm entertainment dating contract members have their own lucrative specialties that they may take as their sole career as they get older. If he leaves the group, dramas. But Super Junior will sm entertainment dating contract continue on as it has, and musicals. How did SM get over the changes that time. The group will likely release a new album at the end of the year. What do you think SM Entertainment needs to do to make the reverse of ! Luna will possibly appear on variety shows and Victoria will continue on with her activities in China.