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But it's also a handy way for a guy on an online dating site you use to find out your name and other personal information. If there's enough data on you out there, Google can pull up who you are even if it's not the exact same photo. Its "Visually Similar" feature can pull up different photos of the same person because, according to a Google spokesperson, more "documentation and activity around an object" leads to more results. For now, it seems like it only works for famous folks like Derek Jeter, m& g online dating in this disturbing case, Michelle Obama -- but as more and more data and images gets added to the web, the search could eventually identify ordinary users reverse image search dating site example, it identifies Amy Gonzalez, the faux love interest in Catfish.

Google also allows you to search by an image plus keyword--so if you have a few data points about the person, like a first or last name, your search becomes even more powerful. Believe it or not, the service technically doesn't violate any privacy laws. The data is there, fair and square. That's not happening here -- Google is just finding and matching publicly available information.

So how can you prevent yourself from being easily stalked online via your photo? This doesn't just include photos of yourself, but your home, kids, even your pets -- given how wide Google's database is now, and how much more powerful its search is with images in the mix it has indexed 10 billion images to dateconnections can be pulled up in an instant.

I got scores of responses, which made me feel artificially liked. But the responses also generated some excellent tips. As it turns out, Tinder provides an interesting problem to an investigative reporter. The app provides precious little information. Perhaps a job title or company name. Maybe a few details in the user profile. I came to believe that hiring editors at investigative shops should make the Tinder Test part of job interviews: It nicely emphasizes just how valuable real information is versus whatever is on the front of a Kardashian page today.

Each little bit reverse image search dating site information france online dating sites up. And each bit of information can lead you to more, like a divining rod with some aptitude. The first scrap you need in researching a stranger is obvious: Then, you need one other detail, a year of birth, a college name, to get you on your way. For some, this may be old hat.

But I was enlightened. But some Tinderites were more hard core. From there, upload a photo of your potential reverse image search dating site, and Google searches for similar photos across the Internet. Tin Eye reverse image search dating site a similar service. Hopefully not mug shots from the county jail. Tinder works on your phone. Uniting the two requires some work. One weird trick that really works: The ability to track all instances of an image across the web opens up so many opportunities for creators, marketers and researchers.

These days I use reverse image search on a daily basis. At times it has been an introduction to awesome media I never would have known about otherwise. In other instances I have found some truly useful tutorials and learning videos, such as Photoshop demonstrations and lifehacks. Of course, reverse-image searching can be used for any number of reasons. Anyone who has spent time on a dating or meeting people on social media can protect themselves by reverse-searching images to make sure the person they are speaking to are who they say they are.

Artists and models can reverse image search to find people reverse image search dating site using their work The possibilities are endless. But how do you do it? Luckily, there are multiple ways, and they are all easy. Use Google Verifying an online identity Finding blogs stealing your content to claim a well-deserved credit The most straightforward way is to use Google Image Search.

You can drag and drop an image into the search bar. Or, if it is in a browser, right click your mouse on the image and select "Search Google For This Image". It will give you a source for other sizes and locations, or similar images that might be related. While it is convenient, the downside is that it isn't always that effective. Google will take features like back and white images and give you a pile of other black best affair dating sites white images that have nothing to do with it.

Other times they may give you other sources, but none that show where it originated This is something Google still needs to figure out. That is a common problem with re-blogged reverse image search dating site from sites like Tumblr, where a single photo can come up hundreds of times. You have nothing to lose by trying it first, but when it fails it is good to have a backup.

Finding multiple instances of the same image on one domain TinEye is a great reverse image search tool and one of the oldest ones. You can upload an image from your computer, or put in an URL to have it pull the image from the page.

Is the Creepiest Internet Stalking Tool Yet Right at Our Fingertips?

How To Use Reverse Image Search

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