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It is also home to every aspiring fashion blogger who feels the need to posts photos of his outfits or "looks" every morning on Facebook, as if anyone gives as shit, in the hopes that an editor from GQ will randomly check his Facebook page and be like, "Wow, that kid dresses well! If this wereNew York would be the clear victor in this category; however, things change, and Los Angeles has NYC beat in every way. Nowhere in the country but in West Hollywood can you literally walk down one street -- one street -- and not only hear every song from the Britney Spears catalog but have a variety of gay bars, lounges and clubs.

Unlike the more uptight homos in New York, the gays of West Hollywood In New York it's currently 30 degrees, with a full-blown winter storm happening. In keeping with datinf Southern California coolness, people in Los Angeles are gay dating sites in los angeles less concerned about what you do and more concerned about what you look like. You may call that slutty, but I call it entrepreneurial. However, there is something about New York that drives people to work harder for a better life.

I guess it has something to do with ajgeles fact that Ellis Island is right around the corner and people there are still fighting for that American dream or some shit. Nowhere else on the planet is a hour workday not only accepted but the norm. Sure, New York has the Stonewall and is the birth of gay pride, but West Hollywood has a crosswalk that is painted the colors of the goddamn rainbow flag. I, for one, have never seen anything gayer. Gay men are notorious for having this unwarranted attitude toward each other and, well, everyone else.

If you are looking for hard stares, uncomfortable banter, dirty looks and men saying horrible things about each other because they are so upset with themselves that they need to make everyone around them feel uncomfortable, New York trumps Los Angeles. Where would gay men be without their lesbians? Who would do our woodworking or carry our children for us? Both towns have wonderful groups who love women-on-women datingg however, unlike Los Angeles, where the dykes are tanned, toned and ladylike, New York's lesbians are gritty, burly and look like they are ready to rewire a lamp at a moments notice.

Quite frankly, that's how I like them, because if you're going to be a lesbian, you may as well live up to our stereotypes of them. I don't think there is any other place in the world where it is acceptable to live in a square-foot apartment that overlooks an alleyway that smells like crap and pee. However, in Los Angeles, the apartments are bigger, and not only that, but they have gasp! Houses that you can decorate and get this!

You New Yorkers may love the crack dens you call homes, but I would take a McMansion in Beverly Hills online dating samples a rat-infested duplex on Eleventh Avenue any day. Ever feel datinb getting groped by a homeless person at 7 a. Then New York is the place for you! Otherwise, yeah, he's perfect. Brain transplants are a thing, right? The Self-Hating "Masc" This guy is more of a rarity in free-spirited Gay dating sites in los angeles.

Did you catch that fucking call from that idiot ref last night? Bodybuilder dating woman me show you pictures from this fishing trip I went sjtes last week. I caught a trout as big as your dick's small. Masculinity sometimes seems like a gwy praised among gays more than any other culture. Log into Grindr and take a shot for how many profiles around you mention the word "masc," and you'll be dead within 10 minutes.

There's nothing necessarily wrong with masculinity -- you are who you are. If your father taught you to box before he taught you to shave, qngeles are datting end up a beer-guzzling football fan no matter what your sexuality is. But what to text a girl you just started dating you're so "masc" you can't handle a gay bar that plays anything other than Springsteen or spend the entire time complaining about the lack of "bros" there, it's time to check yourself.

And we do lift, thankyouverymuch. We just like to talk about things that are interesting. Sounds gay dating sites in los angeles a Bret Easton Ellis novel to us PHOTO BY LINA LECARO 3. The Bret Easton Ellis Character This guy is just normal enough to make himself seem appealingly broken, and that can be an alluring quality. But he's obsessed with himself, with those sociopathic qualities that are so gay dating sites in los angeles to miss and seem like quirks at first: He's just a bit too well-groomed.

He gzy a glint in his eye that pulls you in, but before you know it, he's talking about his childhood and how twisted his therapist is over coke bumps on the roof of the Standard. Bret's a great author and all, but Less Than Zero wasn't meant to be aspirational -- you'd be a fool to date anyone who could appear in his pages. You can get him for gay dating sites in los angeles night, in which case he'll detail every little thing that's wrong with our fair city; good luck ever seeing him in L.

The Perfectly Nice Suburbanite This guy is actually pretty great. He's a normal gay dude as normal as it gets, at least: But he lives in Santa Clarita. Which is, like, fine, you know? I mean, traffic's not bad on the -- well, fuck, who are we kidding?

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